Golden Tulip Accra- A stay as Inspiring as it is Pleasurable!


What is important to you when you choose the hotel you want to stay in?
In today’s world that is so different for so many different people. Is it the service, is it the Wi-Fi, might it be security, the bed, the breakfast, or the smile you get as you enter the hotel. Could it be the poolside or the hotels location, or maybe it is the drinks in the bar, the meetings spaces or just how clean your room is. At Golden Tulip Accra we fully understand that each individual guest has their own priorities, and that each guest is exactly that, an individual, who has choices. So we try the impossible and look to please all the people, all the time. Now that’s ambitious, right?

Exclusive benefits for booking directly on
Even how you book our hotel can benefit you. By booking directly via our own website we offer you some thoughtful benefits:
Check-in Anytime: If you arrive early and need your room, we will do that for you. No charge.
Check-out Anytime: If your flight is late evening and you want to stay in your room, check out when it suits you. No charge
Best Rate Everytime: If you book via our site, we guarantee the best rate every time, even if it means lowering it after you have booked.
Discounts Anytime: When you book on our site, at check in, we give you a discount on all your food & beverages during your entire stay.
Work, Rest & Play

  • Service with a smile, of course, service with a hug, perhaps, service on time, absolutely
  • A great night’s sleep, on our beds, with our linen, time to sleep like a baby.
  • Maybe, just maybe, the best cocktail menu in all of our beautiful Ghana.
  • Why not try the exclusive, only available in our hotel, Ghanaian coffee, like an Irish Coffee but spicy baby.
  • The hotel is located in the heart of our amazing city, equal distance from the beach, Accra Mall, and the CBD, and superbly located for the airport.
  • Our Triple Layered security structure has been trained by the best and endorsed by governments and international airlines. Plus, they are really friendly and helpful.
  • Our lobby is where the world meets, and our Library is where the world connects. Did we mention we are the only hotel in Accra to offer a library to our guests, time to chill out with a fascinating book and an even more chilled beer?
  • Healthy body, healthy mind, so play hard on our tennis courts, at the gym or in our super cool pool. Or just dance every night to our live music.
  • Food glorious food. There are so many options, so many flavours. Why not experience that “never had before” dish, or, our award winning Club Sandwich, we’ve got the flavour to tickle your taste buds.

Why stay Wi-Fi?
Because being offline is no longer an option. And we did not want to just be the best in the city. So here at Golden Tulip Accra, we provide our beautiful guests, more than twice the bandwidth of any hotel in all of Ghana. If being online is your priority that for us is great because keeping you online is ours. And we don’t charge for it, and never will. And not that we are boasting, but three times the bandwidth of most other hotels. We even continue to work on making it better as we know our internet is not quite at the level of certain countries. But we are the best here.
It’s all about the Selfie.
If sending pictures back home to loved ones is important, or showing the big boss how hard you are working, or just enjoying playtime, anytime, we’ve got you covered. Our beautiful gardens, maybe some of our evolving graffiti art, the poolside, and most importantly, our beautiful hosts all make for amazing Ghanaian Selfie moments. We love Ghana and we want you to both love and share our country with your friends and family.
What about the food we hear you ask?
Local flavours, international standards, local ingredients, internationally trained chefs, we can fill you up, tease your taste buds, give you that “never had that before” moment or provide that little naughty indulgence. We love our food, and it shows on your plate or even plates. We have a number of “specialty days”, which are super cool, and are proud to be the number 1 outside caterer for Ghana. Plus if it is a special day then why not order one of our famous cakes for any occasion.
Location, location, location.
We are forever apologizing to the other hotels in Accra for the benefits of our location. It’s not really their fault that our cities traffic can be a bit chaotic sometimes, and even getting to those hotels can be a tiny bit problematic. We are not only super close to our airport, but also smack in the middle of everything you might want to do in Accra, whether for work, rest or play. However, for our guests, it is so nice to give them this real advantage.

Hotel Overview


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Hotel overview

Since its establishment in Accra, the hotel has learned what our guests need and want. The hotel is constantly adding new ways to keep you satisfied and happy. Providing convenience for you is our goal.

Therefore, you will find facilities throughout the hotel, on the grounds, and in your rooms, that will cater to your every need. And if we have missed something, our staff is readily available to assist.

You can  access Wireless Internet in all Hotel's Rooms and the public areas. No telephone or cable needed. In our view, it is the small things that make all the difference. This ensures that our guests have as pleasant a stay as possible.


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